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Updated: Jun 26, 2020

She is powerful. Braver than she can conceive

Mountains tremble upon her approach Her Faith Makes them converse They begin to move out of her way without a word being uttered from her lips.

She is breaking chains. Looking fear in the face as she navigates through it all

She understands she must grow through the pain She embraces and practices unconditional love It empowers and nurtures her

Can’t you see her light? Her Glow is bright even when she’s weary.

With treasure hidden in serendipitous places She is given the tools and relics needed.

To Forgive To get up To maintain To be feed To Replenish To Rebuild To Repair To Restore To Prosper To Thrive and flourish. To Heal the deepest triggers and pains.

She is attacking chains upon chains. Breaking Cycles

Mountains Tremble upon her approach Her faith Makes them Converse She will bend but She is unbreakable


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