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Trust the Process: You're worth it!

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

"Trust the process, even when it looks impossible. Have Faith. Progress takes time. It's worth it", I posted this caption recently on social media. After I hit share, I sat back and began to process the words again. It made me think about what progress is and the many ways we define it.

Take a moment to think about when you take a breath, do you see the air moving through your lungs? No, but you have faith and trust that each time you breathe in and out, your lungs will allow air to pass through. Trust is the belief that when we inhale and exhale, our lungs will get the oxygen they need to sustain us. Just like we put our faith in our breath and lungs to work. We have to trust ourselves and believe in the invisible progress we make daily.

Invisible Progress

Like the air, we breathe progress can also be invisible at times. Each day you wake up, you are in the process of working towards accomplishing your goals. Each time you check a list, type an email, make/receive a call, complete a piece of the larger project you are making progress. Even on days when you do not see it, you are moving closer towards accomplishing what you set out to do. Faith is also invisible. We can not see, but just a little goes a long way.

Trust the Process

Having faith can be difficult when you don't see automatic results. Have faith anyway, Believe that everything that happens does so for a reason. Everything that happens is a part of the unseen portion of the plan. The part where you let God/ the Universe/ the Creator do the rest.

We create goals and work towards them daily in the physical world but there is so much going on behind the scenes that we can not see. Instead of getting anxious or frustrated about what we can not control, trust in your abilities. Believe in your strength and nourish the gifts you possess. It is all a process and progress takes time.

Progress Takes Time

When we first enter this world, our knowledge is limited. We grow and evolve. We learn to crawl before walking, swallow before chewing, speak, write, and read. It is a process that we go through to develop the tools we need to live. Progress is similar to this process. It will happen over time during our lives.

As we set goals and work towards them, we can check off all the tasks we do daily. I know that sometimes it may feel linear but have patience. Like growth and healing, all progress takes time.

Here are a few things that I do to keep track of my progress:

  • Allow space to be present during your journey.

  • Celebrate the wins that no one sees or hears.

  • Celebrate the gains you make in silence.

  • Keep track of your goals and accomplishments.

Each day/week/month, make a list of what you have done. Seeing what you have done despite any hurdle or upset will help keep you motivated. More importantly, it reminds you how strong you are, to believe in yourself and keep pushing towards accomplishing your passion.

It's Worth It

Everything you are working towards in your personal life, professional life, spiritual life, and relationships is worth it. Whether it goes as planned or wholly left, it was worth the lesson, the experience, the healing, the knowledge, and the journey. Believe in the impossible. Put in the work and be patient.

I have faith and trust that things are happening for you at this very moment. Keep going and don't give.


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