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The Power of Being Consistent

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Take a second to Imagine what your 2020 would like if you were consistently working towards your goals.

Over the past few days, I have thought a lot about consistency. What does it mean to be consistent in pursuing my goals? How do I stay on task when there is so much going on? What does consistency look like for me? What will the outcome be?

When I sat down to write, I kept writing this message over and over again, “Agree with your goals by staying consistent.” My only thought was, “How’? How do I make sure that I stay on track without getting overwhelmed or giving in to the temptation to procrastinate?

Believe it or not, the only thing that stands the way of reaching any goal is consistency. It sounds simple but takes courage. Getting tasks done to complete a goal is life-changing. I admit it’s hard at first, but once you commit to yourself, it’s well worth the effort.

What is consistency?

Consistency is the action of putting forth to effort to get it done. There are many parts of your goal to work through. Some tasks may be more enjoyable than others, but they are all necessary for you to reach your finish line. No one can tell you what consistency may look like for you. We can only help you by sharing our experience and providing tools that have helped us on our journeys. Your level of dedication will look different from anyone else’s, mainly because you are no them, and they aren’t you. You live separate lives, and that is okay. Consistency may look different for everyone.

Why Do Some People Struggle with Consistency

Everyone has battles they fight. Being consistent may be one. Sometimes fear and doubt can set in and make them lose focus. Sometimes they need help to maintain a schedule or to become dedicated. Not everyone can turn off the noise; that is the challenge. People struggle with consistency when it comes to some things. At the same time, another task like getting dressed in the morning, brushing their teeth, getting gas, or even tying their shoelace began with action. They aren’t afraid to do any of those things because they have already learned how to.

How do you stay consistent?

Stay dedicated by making a plan, taking action, and following through on seeing it accomplished. Put in the effort to make it work. Create a plan to stay on task. Use a calendar, a vision board, Trello, anything that helps. I use alarms, calendars, and tools like Trello to help manage projects, family, and personal goals. It has helped me get organized. Organization and planning are essential in pursuing your passion, work, and goals.

Consistency requires you to develop a pattern for personal success and to stick it through even when things don’t go as planned. So many other things can come up throughout the journey that will try to throw you off your path. Don’t let it. Take breaks when you need to but stay consistent.

Consistency is action; it takes courage, determination, and grit. It holds you accountable. It is the action of doing what is within your power to reach the intended goal. Consistency lays the foundation for what you hope to achieve. It is courage. It is affirming and motivating yourself after a failure. The Power of Being Consistent is the ability to accomplish any goal you could ever imagine. All it takes is your dedication with a promise to never quit.



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