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Make Space for Joy

Summer is here. Businesses are re-opening and re-closing, depending on where you are in the world. COVID 19 is still real. Wear a mask and practice the proper physical distancing when possible in public. Make space for your Joy in the process.

There hasn't been any justice for Breonna Taylor, and it's been over 100 days. A Black Woman who's' life was and will always remain relevant because she matters. Mentally and emotionally, we are not okay, but we have learned to endure under the most horrendous conditions. Despite what's faced, I have learned to connect with my ancestor's ways of healing. I am learning to sit in therapy and face my shadows. I learned that although there is a war raging and there is uncertainty, this all must happen because it serves a purpose.

One of the most important things we need to hold onto at this moment is our Joy. Our ability to laugh, smile, and enjoy each small/big moment. There are protests everywhere, and it isn’t easy watching videos, seeing countless hashtags, and undelivered charges without witnessing justice when you have experienced racial injustice during your existence. Every millisecond, the battle we are fighting is one that is spiritual, psychological, emotional, financial, social, and physical. It is with this knowledge that we must operate in a way that allows Joy to find its home within us, our homes, and our communities.

Why make space for Joy?

No matter what, we use our voices, we create, we heal, we grow and make medicine, we pray, we meditate, we prosper, we flourish, we birth nations, raise kings and queens, and we bloom. Our lights will never dim even when they try to destroy us we will continue to shine. One of my affirmations over the last few weeks has been: What's happening outside of you cannot disturb the peace you are creating on in the inside. Acknowledge that everything must be revealed for the healing process to begin truly.

Sharing Joy with Your Children

Our children are our mirrors. They see and hear everything we do. They are aware. They can comprehend, sense, feel, and know. They learn how to find Joy by our example. Yes, we are raising children that face a different set of odds. Everyone will not love them because of the color of their skin. However, we must raise them to see the beauty and the power in what they possess. Teach them to love their skin. To embrace the various shades and tones. To take pride in the different experiences and voices. To appreciate the differences and similarities. To find Joy in them. We must provide this example. We are building a nation of children who will serve in so many awe-inspiring capacities.

How to make space for Joy?

Disconnect from the news, social media, and timelines for a bit each day/week.

Go to therapy.

Take a break from your routine.

Go outside for a hike.

Sit by water or take a swim.

Listen to music or plant and water your green babies.

Dance around to music to release all the tension you've built up.

Read a book.

Journal about your day.

Be present.

Work on a business.

Play outside with your children.


Tap into your creativity.

Talk to a neighbor.

Write a letter.

Speak to your parents.

Remember the love of your ancestors.

Wrap a warm blanket around yourself.

Embrace your inner strengths and weakness.

Celebrate your life. It is sacred.

Learn what brings you Joy. Don't allow your body to hold on to the trauma, unreleased emotional or mental pain. Pour back into every aspect of your being and your family, Find new levels of Joy daily.


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