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Healing Water

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

As the sun rises from my depths

Its warmth stretches across my body

I sit and wait at the shores, listening to the stories of each soul

Filled with their emotions

My waves crash into the land, never staying for too long

I am everywhere and can see everything

I journey each day to new shores with the promises of nutrients

I dance upon the earth

Sway and slam against rocks

I flow

Let me purify you and wash away what can not remain

Let my waves crash into you forging new creation at your depth

Let me carry each wave up to meet the sun as it rises and descends on each day

Have you swum?

Have you fished and cleansed in my rivers and lakes

In my depths, there are cures and remedies

There are mysteries and magic

Seeds of life swim beneath the surface

I am a neverending


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