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  • Marion Henson

A Word of Encouragement

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

This is something I wrote in a journal on July 22, 2019. Whenever you need to encourage yourself take an old journal and read...

Never let your fears stand in the way

never permit words, thoughts or actions to

generate doubt in your mind

Resist the urge to question your purpose




to do anything you aim to attain

Always remember there are infinite possibilities

just like stars and dimensions

You create your reality


by the choices you make

and what you decide to hold onto

So the power is in your hand to create

what you give energy and focus to

this is what you manifest

So feed yourself

Nourish your soul with the things that edify

The things that help you build and grow

Give yourself the right amount of provisions to not only thrive but to blossom

Know what goals you are setting

Do the work to reach them

Make the required sacrifices and adjustments in your life

You have to be willing to do the work

put in the effort and make it happen

There are no automatic doors or an invite for a seat at the table

but honestly, that is fine

Open your own doors


Create your own table


Set it your self


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