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9 Powerful Life Lessons to Embrace

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Life consists of many lessons and experiences. We live through a myriad of happy, sad, and unbelievable moments. If we are present in these moments, grounding ourselves, we can awaken a deeper understanding of the world and ourselves.

As a community and a nation, we are learning many lessons right now, but still, there are many we must learn on our own.

These valuable truths are transformative:

1. Forgiveness is something you do to heal. Do not hold a grudge. Do not hold onto resentment. Let go of anger, and do not let it ruin your happiness. Process the experience. Take away the necessary lessons but let go of the pain, the hurt, and confusion. When you do not forgive, you carry that energy.

2. Maintaining your overall health and wellness is vital. Try to keep a proper diet mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and socially. Health and wellness are about balance. Eating healthy and getting rest is imperative for your body to heal itself.

  • You can: journal, pray, meditate, listen to music, meditate, dance, water your plants, play a game with your family/ children, paint, exercise, have meaningful conversations, create, go to regular medical check-ups, go to therapy, work on a goal, take a nap, turn off the news for a bit, go for a walk, eat fruits and veggies, find or go back to a passion, start an indoor garden, clean and organize your space, take your vitamins and drink water

3. Perseverance is critical to success. You can accomplish anything, even things you can’t imagine, but only if you try. Things won’t always go as planned but assess the situation, change the approach, and keep going. You only know what possible if you do not give up. Don’t quit.

4. You’re in control of your happiness. No one is responsible for your satisfaction but you. Make your happiness a top priority. Do not blame others for your state of bliss. When you learn or understand what is required to make you happy and fulfilled, you can create a life that supports those things.

5. Say what needs to be said. If you have experienced loss or grief in your life, then you understand you don’t always get the opportunity to say the things you want to loved ones before they are gone. Take the opportunity now to tell them and show them how you feel. Share with them all the things you need to express. Always make the most of each day and be grateful for each new morning.

6. There is no success without failure. You learn a lot from each new attempt at something new. While a lot can be gain from reading or observing others, many of the most valuable lessons we learn are from our failures and successes. Each time you fail, you gain new knowledge en route to success.

7. Live Life. Life isn’t easy and the road to success is different for each person. Each pathway is paved differently and has its obstacles and rewards. Be Present. Live. Develop habits that help make your life easier. Follow through with appointments and do not avoid the painful things. Life is about is being present in each moment you are experiencing to learn the lesson.

8. Be aware of your thoughts. Worrying about the future or past creates anxiety and frustration. It is essential to use the past to gain knowledge without focusing on what happened or regrets. You can not change what happened in the past, and you can not predict the future. It is okay to look ahead to see potential roadblocks and start working on solutions. You can live in the now to create happiness and joy in your life.

9. You don’t know everything, and that is okay. We all hold different beliefs and values. Some of these belief systems may be false or old. They may not provide value to your life. When we face different challenges, these beliefs are tested and tried. We let go of the systems that no longer serve us and clear the path to obtain more in-depth knowledge. It is okay to take time out to figure out what parts of your belief system is true or false.

Success has no age limit or time limit. You can develop creative ways to achieve the goals that help you gain achievements. Be present and grateful in your current environment to manifest the situation that leads to success and happiness.


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